Important Considerations on Custom Trailer Brakes

In any type of vehicle, the brake system is considered as a very important component. With this in mind, it is important to note that even trailers need to have a reliable break system especially as it is frequently used to haul cargo. But what are the common brake system installed in trailers, let’s find out. There are two kinds of brake system usually installed in trailers, namely drum and disc brakes. The common and most reliable for now is the drum brake. Drum brakes have been tried and tested since the early years of automotive. It can also be […]

What Makes a Good Custom Trailer?

Top 3 Considerations When Buying Custom Trailers A custom trailer is a significant investment. Hence, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to do your homework before purchasing one, to make sure that you get the utility that you need. There are four important characteristics that we should take into account when it comes to  choosing the right custom trailer. Trailer Strength This is the first thing you should consider when it comes to buying a trailer.  You want to ensure that the trailer you are considering is designed to carry not just the weight of your heaviest load, but the physical characteristics […]

Overview on Custom Trailers

In case you are wondering about custom trailers, you need to understand that they are basically trailer containers you could customize to match your needs. In case you are like many people, you almost certainly don’t have any need for a trailer container to be customized specifically according to your preferences. However, if you’re set on using a movable food shop, or have to move animals from your farm towards the slaughter house, you certainly need one to be customized according to its purpose. How much does it cost to have a trailer custom-fitted to the needs of the customer? […]


custom trailer If you’re looking to purchase a trailer and why not one tailor-made to suit have your specific needs. Any time you get anything custom-made is going to be better. A trailer is no different. After all, when you make an investment like this you may as so make an investment it’s going to last. When you have a trailer designed to fit your specific needs it’s going to last longer, because it’s built for the wear and tear from the things that you intend to use it for. Whether you need an enclosed car trailer, a custom car […]


Speaking in engineering terms, machine customization defines the purpose of a machine or extends that purpose. In the case of machinery trailers, that customization process accounts for the dimensions of heavy machinery, the loads that are expected to be transported, and the terrain the trailer will be crossing. In order to accommodate these design factors, the platform of the trailer has to be fabricated to match customer specifications. Heavy machinery will require high-tensile steel sheets and spring-assisted ramps to shift a load that has to overcome its own inertia. Custom manufactured support struts and cross-beams accompany the steel, augmenting the […]

Common Mistakes when Buying a Trailer

Not choosing the right Trailer Body Builder There are many so called “expert welders” out there who will tell you what they know and what to do when it comes to building a trailer. The question is, are they qualified to do the job? Competency in being a vehicle body builder is a certified trade that takes four years to complete and years of experience to get the job done. There are loads of things to consider when designing and constructing a custom trailer and just like any other trade, professional trailer builders should know these kind of stuff. Unable […]

Running your Trailer

Having a trailer is an investment whether you use it for personal or for your business. Trailer maintenance is something a trailer owner must do on a regular basis to protect it. You didn’t buy a trailer for no reason; you bought a trailer to help you to carry stuff from one place to another. Others buy trailers for business purposes or for recreational purposes. If a trailer is not maintained or checked by the owner, we’ll never know when the trailer will eventually break down. To prevent this, trailer owners must know how to maintain and check your trailer. […]

Determining Trailer Strength

One of the factors you should consider when buying a trailer is Strength. Strength is important especially for utility trailers because they are frequently overloaded, and unevenly loaded. Utility trailers are used in different ways, thus the trailer should be strong so it can serve its intended purpose no matter what the requirement. Things to Consider: Load Capacity Determining the size, shape, weight and weight distribution of the load you’re going to carry is important for the design and appropriate materials to be used for your trailer. It will determine how strong the trailer should be. Judge the trailer strength […]

Should I buy an Aluminum Trailers or a Steel Trailer?

Trailer manufacturers are often using either aluminum or steel for trailers. Trailers have long been built with steel. However, steel trailers can rust over a couple of years, which resulted in trailer manufacturers looking for alternatives and many of them are now using aluminum as their main material. Today, we’re going to tackle the difference between the two materials, and identify what suits you the most; Aluminum Trailer or Steel Trailer. Strength So which metal is stronger? Steel is one of the toughest alloys and trailers can sustain a lot of stress when driving long distances or on bumpy roads. […]

What Makes a Good Cargo Trailer?

There are many ways to design a cargo trailer depending on the needs, goals and desires of the owner. As your dependable custom trailer manufacturer, we’ll give you some insights into what makes a good cargo trailer. Type What type of trailer are you looking for? This factor should be the first on your list when building a cargo trailer. Are you looking for an open, enclosed, landscaping, motorcycle, ATV, equipment, machinery or horse trailer? Are you looking for a trailer that has dual purposes? These things should be kept in mind when determining exactly what you need it to […]