Uniquely fabricated to hold cargo while still allowing an owner easy access, caged trailers are high-sided and traditionally open-topped. This means oversized equipment can be situated on the trailer with ease, and the mesh sides can be used to further strap down items so that they don’t roll around while the trailer is on the move, tucked behind the towing vehicle. Additionally, the open top makes the trailer a popular choice for many applications, landscaping companies, for instance. Shrubs and small trees can be loaded into the back of the caged trailer, open to the air, and they’re towed away, […]


custom trailer If you’re looking to purchase a trailer and why not one tailor-made to suit have your specific needs. Any time you get anything custom-made is going to be better. A trailer is no different. After all, when you make an investment like this you may as so make an investment it’s going to last. When you have a trailer designed to fit your specific needs it’s going to last longer, because it’s built for the wear and tear from the things that you intend to use it for. Whether you need an enclosed car trailer, a custom car […]


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Services left CUSTOM TRAILERS default We manufacture all types of custom trailers. From flat beds and caged trailers through to tradesman and machinery trailers designed for heavy high-end work, our design and execution results in quality equipment built to last. left Our trailers: Tradesman Trailers Machinery Trailers Enclosed Trailers Tilt Trailers Car Trailers Motorbike Trailers Box Trailers Tandem Trailers Caged Trailers Flat Beds Other projects – if you have welding or fabrication work besides trailers just get in touch with us left right WELDING/FABRICATION Whether it’s a simple benchtop or a steel ute tray you’re after, speak to us about putting it together […]


Titan Engineering Australia is your primary dealer of custom trailers, box trailers, car trailers and other trailers in Australia. Titan Engineering Australia is your primary dealer of custom trailers, box trailers, car trailers and other trailers in Australia. CUSTOM BUILT MACHINERY TRAILERS & FLOATS IN MELBOURNE Titan Engineering designs, builds, services and repairs trailers for a wide variety of clients around Australia, specialising in custom trailers builds. With a firm commitment to top-quality workmanship and an established reputation for delivering reliable, dependable work every time, Titan Engineering prides itself on delivering outstanding service. From excavator trailers, enclosed trailers and car […]


Buying a trailer is not easy as people think it is especially if you are looking for the right one to use for you. Depending on the type of trailer you use such as cargo trailer, boat trailer, motorcycle trailer, or machinery trailer, you need to be sure that whatever trailer you purchase suits your purpose. There are so many trailer manufacturers in the market, as a buyer, you might be confused as to the type of trailer you choose. We have provided a guide to help you pick the trailer that suits your preferences. Pick the right manufacturer for […]